Joy of the Completed Set: 2016 Sidekick Trading Card Publishing Magical Posters

Way back before the pandemic began I was happy to fund a Kickstarter for a new Mars Attacks set called Uprising. I was very pleasantly surprised that although they faced supply chain issues during the pandemic, the set was released last year. I enjoyed it and might do a post about it someday too. 

As a Kickstarter backer, I got a discount coupon to pick up other Sidekick Trading Card Publishing's products and I took advantage of it. 

One of the sets I picked up was a small nine-card set from 2016 that featured posters of magicians from 1890 to 1910. As a card collector, I appreciate the nine-card set over a 10-card one just for getting it all in a single Ultra Pro page. 

The set arrived in a single wax pack, another bonus for a wax pack collector like myself. 

Here is it all unfolded with the the red border expanded and even a checklist included. 

The posters feature seven different magicians -- Alexander The Man Who Knows, Carter the Great, 
Dante, Houdini, Harry Kellar, Howard Thurston and Zan Zig -- with a great variety in the design of each. I was only familiar with Houdini prior to this but I think my favorite of the set is card No. 1 of Alexander. 

And here is the reverse side that features biographical information about each magician. 

I was intrigued by the "Unknown Details" on Zan Zig's card No. 9 and a Magicpedia search found a great premise for a horror movie: 

During the Columbian Exposition in Chicago (1893), under the name "Professor Slater," he set up a haunted house aided by fellow magicians Sam Bailey and William Robinson. This enterprise came to a bad end when a client died in compromising circumstances during the course of a séance.[4]


Fuji said…
Cool set. Nice artwork. Houdini was the only magician I was familiar with as well.
Jafronius said…
I was a little bummed they repeated 2 of the magicians, but still nice set. Thanks for sharing!