I didn't know I wanted some Yogi Berra stamps

I've got to say I love picking out a good stamp. When It is time for a new sheet, I enjoy flipping through the binder of options at the post office to find the perfect one that might end up on a plain white envelope headed to a future trade partner. 

As I was recently flipping through, I chose a sheet of Yogi Berra stamps. Berra is the first baseball player featured on a stamp since I believe 2012 when Joe DiMaggio, Larry Doby, Willie Stargell and Ted Williams were all featured in an All-Star game set of stamps.

Here's a great article from Baseball Life that highlight many, if not all, of the baseball figures and stadiums honored by the U.S. Postal Service over the years. 

What struck me about Yogi's stamp is how much the design looks like it could have been taken straight out of an Topps Allen & Ginter sets. There isn't a direct match of the photo used on the stamp to an Allen & Ginter card but taking a look at some of Berra's appearances, you can see what I mean. 


These are great stamps. I saved a sheet of them, but also enjoy using them on card-related PWEs.
Fuji said…
Good call on the A&G comparison. And I also love going through their stamp binder when it's time to buy new stamps. These days I don't need to buy new ones very often though, since I rarely send things (except cards) through the mail anymore.