1979 Topps Star Trek The Motion Picture Base and Stickers Needs List


I recently finished season 2 of Picard and it made me miss classic Star Trek and made me interested again in completing the 1979 Topps set that promoted the first movie. It collects moments from the 1979 film and also several alien cards from the original TV series and has some iconic cards of the key actors from the series including William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.  

A lot of the photo cards of the cast members and aliens from the original series have a school picture/yearbook sort of vibe rather than a photo from a clip of the series or movie. I enjoy that style for the actors cards but it makes some of the alien cards look like full-body mug shots. Another great thing of these cards is the heavier cardboard used from the 70s. 

This is a set that I have probably 20 cards of, spread out in my collection somewhere and some were some of the first non-sports cards I ever owned. I really don't know how I originally got them and as I remember, they aren't in the best condition so I'm starting over with a new set. 

1979 Topps Star Trek The Motion Picture Base and Stickers Needs List

Last Updated: 8-3-22

Base Set (88 cards)

1. Star Trek The Motion Picture

2. Toward the Unknown

3. Space Intruder

4. Fate of the Klingons

5. Warning from Space

6. Our Starcrafts…Annihilated!

7. Enterprise In Drydock

8. Rebuilding the Enterprise

9. Filming ‘Drydock’ Sequence

10 James T. Kirk

11. Captain Kirk’s Mission

12. Dr. ‘Bones’ McCoy

13. Executive Officer Decker

14. Navigator Ilia

15. Uhura

16. Helmsman Sulu

17. Engineer Scott

18. Security Chief Checkov

19. Dr. Christine Chapel

20. Janice Rand

21. The Vulcan Mr. Spock

22. Spock on Planet Vulcan

23. The UFP Assembled

24. Being from Beyond

25. The Face of Terror

26. Lizard Like Diplomat

27. Not of this Earth

28. Alien Insectoid

29. The Unearthly

30. The Andorians

31. Advanced Life Form

32. Betel’s Attendant

33. Andorian – Close-up

34. The U.S.S. Enterprise

35. Back In Operation!

36. Refurbished Starship

37. Enterprise – Rear View

38. Return to the Bridge

39. The Senior Officers

40. View from the Bridge

41. Scotty’s Domain

42. Fantastic New Devices

43. The Engineering Deck

44. Investigating a Malfunction

45. Heart of the Starship

46. Incredible Explosion!

47. Starship Under Attack!

48. Assault on Chekov!

49. Half Human

50. Spock’s Fight for Life

51. Into the Nameless Void

52. Terror in the Transporter Room

53. The Surak Craft

54. Transporter Malfunction

55. Zero Gravity Adventure

56. Symbol of Her People

57. Exotically Beautiful Ilia

58. Spock’s Discovery

59. The Phaser Battle!

60. Ilia In Sick Bay

61. Stamina of the Alien

62. Filming the Shuttlecraft

63. Star Explorer

64. Alien Menace

65. Star Challengers

66. Beam Me Down Scotty

67. The Landing Party

68. Portrait of a Vulcan

69. Beyond Infinity

70. The Encounter

71. Its Secret Revealed

72. On Spock’s Native World

73. Spectacular Starship

74. Welcoming Dr. McCoy Aboard

75. Kirk’s Last Stand

76. Landscape of Vulcan

77. Klingon Warship – Rear View

78. The Final Frontiersmen

79. Klingon Warship

80. Vulcan Starship – Overhead View

81. Pride of the Starfleet

82. Duo for Danger

83. The Unearthly Mr. Spock

84. Woman from Planet Delta

85. New Starfleet Uniforms

86. Men With a Mission

87. The Deltan Beauty

88. Klingon Commander

Stickers (22)

1. Engineer Scott

2. Janice Rand

3. The Vulcan Mr. Spock

4. Security Chief Checkov

5. Lt. llia

6. Helmsman Sulu

7. James T. Kirk

8. Dr. Christine Chapel

9. Mr. Spock

10. Dr. ‘Bones’ McCoy

11. Lt. Uhura

12. Probe Ilia

13. The Face of Terror

14. Being from Beyond

15. Advanced Life Form

16. Executive Officer Decker

17. Betel’s Attendant

18. Lizard-Like Diplomat

19. The Enterprise

20. Klingon Warship

21. Vulcan Starship

22. The Enterprise


Fuji said…
Pretty sure my mom took me to see this movie when I was little (or maybe she rented it from the video store), but I don't think I ever opened any packs of this stuff. Best of luck on your set build.
Jafronius said…
Good luck completing the set!