1957 Topps Space Cards Needs List

Another space set to complete but this one is pretty unique in that it is based on real space advancements (the launch of Sputnik and as well as sending a dog into space) as well as fantasy cards of what the future of space exploration would look like. 

Cards No. 53 "Space Supply Depot" and No 70. "Refueling Planet Ship" offer possibilities of a robust space exploration expansion and as the card numbers get higher, space exploration heads to Venus, Mars and Saturn. I enjoy No. 86 "Pluto — The Coldest Planet" just because it would piss off Neil deGrasse Tyson.

The wrapper for the set always reminded me of the the famous image from the early silent film Le Voyage dans la Lune from 1902 by director George Melies. 

It is appropriate as the film is about a trip to the moon, just like Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins would make in July of 1969. 

In general, these cards are not as pricey as the 1963 Topps Astronaut set which featured color photography rather than paintings in the 1957 set. 

1957 Topps Space Cards Needs List

Last updated: 8-3-22

1. Sputnik I

2. Dog In Sputnik II

3 Launching U.S. Satellites

4. Recovering The Rocket

5 Sputnik Descending

6. Three Stage Rocket

7. Target: Moon

8. Robot Nears Moon

9. Radio Telescope

10. Space Flight Headquarters

11. Testing a Space Pilot

12. Briefing for Spaceflight

13. Space Suit

14. Preparing For Flight

15. Zero Hour

16. Strapped Down For Takeoff

17. Rocket Blastoff

18. Heading for Outer Space

19. Diagram of Spaceship

20. No Gravity

21. Space Checker Game

22. Space's Practical Jokes

23. Meteor Peril

24. If Meteors Hit New York

25. Space Acrobat

26. Flying Practice

27. Fixing Meteor Damage

28. Sunset on Earth

29. 50 Miles to the Moon

30. Preparing to Land

31. Moon Landing

32. Rocket Jet Heat

33. First Men on the Moon

34. Moon Expedition

35. Lunar Scouting Patrol

36. Conquest of the Moon

37. High Jumping on the Moon

38. It's Easy — on the Moon

39. Trapped in Meteor Shower

40. Lunar Crater

41. Famed Copernicus Crater

42. Moon Huts

43. Moon Surveying Squad

44. Moon Mountain Climbing

45. Photographing Moon Craters

46. Collecting Mineral on the Moon

47. Lunar Mists

48. Lunar Explosions

49. Palomar Observatory

50. Enjoying Earthshine

51. Eclipse of the Earth

52. Working in Space

53. Space Supply Depot

54. Assembling Supply Ship

55. Supplies for Moon Pioneers

56. Solar Generators

57. Lunar Airplant

58. Lunar City

59. Gymnastics on the Moon

60. Lunar Lookout Post

61. Farming on the Moon

62. Moon Trains

63. Space Message Center

64. Lunar Space Port

65. Chasing Comets

66. Heading Home

67. Return To Earth

68. Outer Space Station

69. Takeoff for Other Planets

70. Refueling Planet Ship

71. Venus Dust Storms

72. Mysterious Mars

73. Martian Landscape

74. Martian Dust Storms

75. Martian Air Base

76. Visit to Mercury

77. Mercury's Amazing Climate

78. Studying the Sun's Surface

79. Melting in the Sun's Heat

80. Exploring Jupiter

81. Jupiter's Terrain

82. Hurricane on Jupiter

83. View of Saturn

84. Spectacular Saturn

85. Saturn's Rings

86. Pluto — The Coldest Planet

87. Discovering a New Sun

88. Life on Other Planets?