Joy of the Completed Page: 1963 Topps Astronauts Mixed Backs

I have been plugging away at my 1963 Topps Astronauts set and I'm down to needing just 10 cards. This is thanks to a huge lot I purchased in the fall that were Popsicle brand backs instead of the more-common 3D backs. The lot was such a deal because, although the Popsicle backs are more rare, nearly all of them had tape marks on the back. 

As a former "taper" myself, I loved the idea of a kid loving astronauts and taping his cards into notebooks or on the wall. I'm a pretty easy going collector so I'm OK with the 3D backs or the Popsicle backs in building the collection. That flexibility has given me my first completed page of the set which includes cards No. 37-45. In total there are only 55 cards in the set so this group is pretty deep into it. 

Here's the reverse side of my completed page and you can see three of the group are from the Popsicle set with the tape marks. I do have a set of the 3D glasses from the set waiting for me at COMC and so hopefully sometime in 2021 I can finally see what the card makers intended with the unique reverse design.