The one and only T206 in my collection

On my last trip to the Chicago edition of The National, one item on my to-do list was to not leave Rosemont, IL without an original T206. Sure enough, I found a seller with a bin with graded cards of the most famous set ever created and I flipped through and hemmed and hawed and finally decided to make this my first T206. 

I just love Fielder Jones' expression and the hands on hips stance is just a perfect. Doing a quick search, Fielder could have been called "Hand on His Hips" Jones.  

Fielder was a center fielder and manager (often while still a player) and he was a pretty good batter with a career .285 average and 631 career RBIs. 

As a manager, Fielder captained the White Sox to the 1906 World Series title. The Sox beat the Cubs in one of the biggest upsets in World Series history. The White Sox got hot in the playoffs after hitting .230 on the season (The Mets hit .272 and the Brave his .268 in 2020 by comparison) and beat the Cubs in the one and only Chicago series.  

On the reverse side, I've got a Sovereign Cigarettes back which are always printed with forest or apple green colored text. Throughout the T206 set, the Sovereign backs say either "150 SUBJECTS" or "350 SUBJECTS" making this a forest green version because Jones' cards don't have the green apple version. 

I also enjoy the damage my card has on the front which looks like Wolverine ran his claws across it. SNIKT! 

The great part of all the different backs (there are 16 different ones available) means the big T206 set gets exponential larger with somewhere around 5,500 different card combinations possibly available to collectors.

In my next post, we will get a look at the complete T206 set with a reprint set I've recently picked up. 


ned said…
Great card! Every collector of cards should have a tobacco card.