It pays off to stop by the card shop early or how I got my 1953 Topps Yogi Berra

A while ago before the pandemic hit, I was out and about early in the day and killed some time waiting for  my  local card shop to open. If there is one thing I can't do, it is to be one of those people that sits outside a store and immediately goes in when the doors are open. I'll wait 5-10 minutes just so I don't look like a deranged person...or I'll make the move sooner if I'm lucky enough to have a different  deranged  person immediately go in the store when it opens. See, see, I'm not as crazy as that guy! 

I waited the seven or so minutes required before heading to the door and it turns out to be locked still.  This is my absolute worst nightmare! Now in my head I'm one of those people banging on the doors and putting my face and hands next to the windows so I can try to get a glimpse at the employees inside. 

I turn around. That's it. The trip to the card store is over. Try again some other time. 

But before I can live out my introvert fantasy of giving up on the social interaction at the first scent of trouble, the owner opens the door and greets me. 

Turns out he hadn't opened yet because he was busy sorting a huge collection of graded cards that he had purchased and I would be the first customer to take a look.

A lot of the cards were cards of base and semi-stars from the 50's and 60's that had a nice grade. Great for set builders but not so much for me. 

Flipping through, I came upon  Yogi Berra's 1953 Topps graded a 1.5 Fair. Who doesn't love Yogi? I really had nothing from his earlier playing days and this one was loved just enough to fit in my budget for cards depicting Yankees (which is typically zero). 

I haggled about the price (another introvert struggle) and left with a treasure I never suspected I would have when (attempting) to walk in the shop. 

My Berra has black ink for his bio information under his name meaning it is from either the first or second printing of cards. Topps eventually ditched the black ink for white lettering instead. 

I've only got a few cards that I've designated for the safety deposit box and this is one of them. 


Matt said…
Even at a graded 1.5 it's still a beauty of a card! Congrats!
Fuji said…
I've waited around in my car a few minutes before entering places too... just so I wasn't the first one in the door. Didn't even realize that was a thing until you pointed it out.

P.S. Cool Berra!