Ambivalence of the Completed Set: 1986 McDonald's Chicago Bears Scratch-Off Football Cards

I had a lot of things planned on Sunday and to be honest the start of the NFL season wasn't on my mind when I mapped it out. Without a preseason to the NFL just hasn't been at the forefront like it normally is. How was I going to get it all done in time before the Packers game?

I got up early and  ran some errands and even went and covered a fall baseball league game for a story in my day job and made it back by 11:45. I was so proud. 

I flipped on the TV, searched for the game and was suddenly reminded that I live in Decatur, IL and the closest I'm getting to the Packer game was the Bears vs. the Lions. It is still a shock for me each season. 

The Bears' fourth quarter comeback turned out to be exciting as I followed Aaron Rodgers having one of his best season openers of his career. 

The experience inspired me to bust out my scanner and get to work doing a post on one of the few Bears collectibles I have purchased (outside of my growing Dan Hampton collection).

In 1986, McDonald's issued another set of scratch off football cards and this time as a set was in honor the Super Bowl XX winning team (at his point, I am contractually obligated as a Packers Fan to note that Green Bay is the most successful NFL franchise in history with 13 championships…and it really isn't close). 

McDonald's released the 24-card set in four waves (one each week for a month) with different colored scratch off panels on the bottom. Week 1 was blue, Week 2 was black, Week 3 was gold/orange and Week 4 was green.

As with most cards with a perforation, perfect examples are hard to find and fans can find some cards easier than others. They were printed in 30 cards sheets and so six cards were double printed, including fan favorites Walter Payton, Jim McMahon and William "The Refrigerator" Perry. 

My set came to me complete from Peoria's Baseball Card City and it is the Week 2 black set. I've always loved the McDonald's sets and I am mature enough to admit the Bears 1985 team was one of the greatest of all-time. Getting these should also inspire me to track down all of the Packers cards someday. 

Here's the complete set in all its unscratched glory. 


Fuji said…
Been a fan of these since I first collected the 49ers and Raiders singles back in the day. Never came close to eating enough nuggets to complete the team sets, but I bought one of the 49ers team sets as well as a Packers and Seahawks team sets too.
Jon said…
I only found out about these late last year, but have since fallen deeply in love with them. They're really attractive, as well as just plain fun, so much so that I couldn't imagine someone not liking them.
Jafronius said…
I believe my brother and I collected these cards but then somehow he wound up with all of them...but since he gave me his cards I wonder if these are packed up in a box somewhere in the house.