When playing catch is interesting or starting my Jordan Love collection

Right now is the great time in the football season when two people playing catch is an interesting sight. 

Here's Aaron Rodgers and the Packers' first round draft pick Jordan Love doing just that. Love might be the future QB for the team in a couple seasons when Rodgers loses it with management and ends up playing with the Vikings for a couple seasons. That would never happen right? 

With baseball cards being absent from my local chain stores and 2020 Score Football either being not as popular as Panini originally suspected or that they printed a motherload of it, there is typically some packs laying around. 

I've been buying it mainly for the possibility of getting the Love rookie featuring him as Utah State's quarterback. 

And I've had some good luck, pulling three rookies from the rack packs I've purchased. 

I also had some luck and pulled a Joe Burrow purple border featuring him as Ohio State's quarterback. This one is about $13 based on the completed eBay auctions. 

I haven't pulled the Rodgers base card yet but I did find the In the Zone insert. 

One Rodgers card deserves another and so here is a Press Proof from 2017 Donruss Football numbered /75. This one came to me in a trade from Reader Mike D., a known Bears fan who can't stand having Packers cards in his house. I enjoy helping him alleviate that problem. 


Fuji said…
Rodgers playing for the Vikings would be my 2nd biggest nightmare. The Niners would be my biggest.