Marvelous Miscuts No. 6: Two stars for the price of one

I love miscut cards and here are some of my favorites.

Tim Raines had his three-player Future Stars 1981 Topps rookie card and then his solo 1981 Topps Traded that captured collectors imagination, so, of course, his second-year card just can't generate the same heat. 

But this copy of his 1982 Topps card caught my attention with it so miscut that it shows the bottom cutline. As exciting as that is, the real fun begins when you flip it over and see that the back isn't of Raines' card at all. 

On the back it is the reverse side of Yankees' ace Ron Guidry. Raines' card in No. 70 in the set and Guidry is No. 9. I see this happen every once in while as I track down more miscuts but this one is pretty special with it featuring two great players. 

I'm very liberal on the idea of who should get in the Hall of Fame. Dale Murphy, Gil Hodges. Steve Garvey? Yes, Yes, Yes. If Tim Raines is getting in then I think the "Louisiana Lightning" should be in the Hall of Fame too. Longevity typically gets player into Cooperstown but Guidry was so dominate for a shorter period, he should get in. 

The obvious comparison here is Guidry's career with Sandy Koufax's career. They have near identical records 165-87 for Koufax with a .655 winning percentage over 12 seasons while Guidry is 170-91 over 14 seasons with a .651 winning percentage. In Guidry's first two seasons he had an 0-1 record with 32 innings pitched so the career totals are a little more similar. 


Fuji said…
Very cool miscut. I'm more of a small hall kind of guy... but Guidry is one of the handful of Yankees I've ever rooted for.