Marvelous Miscuts No. 5: What a baseball card would look like if I ran the printing press

I love miscut cards and here are some of my favorites.

This copy of Jim Sundberg's 1984 Topps card is off left-to-right and top-to-bottom and the finished product is about what I would expect it would look like if I was running a printing press. 

Good old Charlie Hough, makes a brief appearance at the top of the card. Hough was the last active player to have been born in the 1940's and his .500 career mark of 216 and 216 losses is the highest win total for a pitcher that won as many games as he lost. 

Sundberg is from Galesburg, Illinois which is about two hours to the north and west of me here in the deadcenter of Illinois in Decatur. Good old Carl Sandburg is also from Galesburg, which I can't believe didn't make the back of his card! 


Fuji said…
I remember uncut sheets were available at most card shows in my area back in the late 80's... and through most of the 90's. Can't remember if they were cheap or not. But you could have bought some and had a little miscut party.
GCA said…
Do you like miscut football too? I have some of each available.