Joy of the Completed Series: 1972 Topps Series 2

As my work towards a complete 1972 Topps set continues, I've added Series 2 to the completed list. Series 1 was complete in 2019 and I've scratched off Series 2 in 2020. That leaves four more series to finish so hopefully things continue to progress.

Series 2 runs from Joe Keoghs' card No. 133 to Tommy John's No. 264. I'm still working on the set so I can't judge it completely but I would I would say it is a pretty strong series overall. It features cards from Hall of Fame members Dick Williams, Orlando Cepeda, Lou Brock, Rollie Fingers and many, many fan favorites:

Tim McCarver, Chris Chambliss (with All-Star Rookie Cup), Dave Kingman
Norm Cash, Ted Simmons, Vida Blue, Dock Ellis, Ron Blomberg, Charlie Hough, Joe Niekro, Jim Perry, Rich/Dick Allen, Boog Powell, and George Foster.
It also features several In Action cards (just like Series 1) and the last card I was looking for was good old Dock Ellis' In Action card. As much as I would love to believe that is Roberto Clemente behind Ellis in the outfield, it is more likely that shadowy figure is Gene Clines.

Series 2 also features cards highlighting the 1971 World Series between the Pirates and Orioles and one of my favorite team cards ever, the floating head Cubs team card.

Here is Series 2 in all of its psychedelic glory. Some of the cards really highlight the designs ability to look 3-D. Keough's card that begins the series does that but I think Tim McCarver's card six cards later on the checklist might be the best example.


bbcardz said…
Congrats on completing Series 2--well done! I also recently completed Series 2 but still have two Series 1 cards to acquire. After that, just four cards for S3, seven cards for S4, 32 cards for S5 and 84 cards for S6. That adds up to 83.6% complete.

I so love these cards. After a steady diet of posed player pictures, 1972 brought in plenty of In Action cards, among other new and unique subsets. My only major gripe was that they don't list the player's positions on the front.
Fuji said…
Congratulations! Never seen that Darrell Evans in action card before. I wonder what the story behind that photo is. He' leaping... but it's not like he's reaching for a ball or anything.