Here are some Don Mossi cards you don't own

As a collector of Don Mossi cards as unique as Mr. Mossi himself, cast your eyes upon the recently added Venezuelan version of his 1962 Topps card. This one is graded, which is always nice for the obscure Venezuelan issue that isn't seen too often just to eliminate any question on the authenticity. 

The reverse is clearly a different color than the typical 1962 Topps cards and the back is in spanish with some of text appearing to be bolded. It's a great looking card and I will take that "3" grade all day long.

Here's another Mossi oddball from 1962, this time on a shared stamp with Johnny Podres. This is the original form of the stamps that were inserted into packs of '62 Topps but kids didn't keep them together for long. 

Last up we have an autographed postcard that I picked up at the National last summer in Chicago. It's addressed to "Joe" but I don't mind as it is my first Mossi autograph. Plus, I can always pretend I'm Leaf and destroy it and turn it into a cut autograph some day! 


Fuji said…
I enjoy collecting graded cards... but sometimes I question the grades they sometimes receive. What's wrong with the Mossi and Podres stamps? Is there a tear or something I don't see? That stamp panel looks super clean. Anyways... great Mossi cards. Always wished Topps had included him in their Archives Fan Favorites autograph set.
dayf said…
you're right i don't have these
Jay said…
Going to second what Fuji says above and ask why there isn’t a special Topps Archives Mossi reprint set...?