Finally building one of my favorite sets or My 1963 Topps Astronauts Needs List

I have always loved the 1963 Topps Astronauts set because it pre-dated the famous Apollo program and so we are strictly dealing with Gemini-era astronauts that sometimes get overlooked in their importance in reaching the moon.

There is a wide range in value for mint cards but most "loved" versions (like my John Glenn "Space Hero" above) can be found for $10 and less if you have patience in searching on eBay. The set is 55 cards in size (plus a set of 3-D glasses that help you see an image on the reverse side of the card) just like the  1962 Mars Attacks series from the previous years. There is a also a reverse side variation that features an add for Popsicles instead of the 3-D image.


1963 Topps Astronaut Needs List

Updated: 3-19-23

3D Back

5, 7, 9

11. 14, 

26. 27

30. 32. 33. 36

45, 46


Popsicle Back

1, 4, 5. 6, 7, 9

10. 12, 18

24, 25, 26

30, 34. 35

42, 48, 53, 54. 55

Doubles (All-3D)

2 (x2), 13, 15. 17, 20, 31 (x2), 38 (x2), 40, 41, 54


SumoMenkoMan said…
Definitely a great set with a ton of the Mercury astronauts! Wish there were more sets of the US Astronauts out there. Good luck.
Fuji said…
Very cool. I'm excited to check out some singles from this set over on COMC. Maybe I'll find a few cheap ones for my collection.
GCA said…
Want to find a good starter somewhere real bad, but haven't been lucky yet. The one you show is the only one I've got so far.
Scott Crawford said…
Love these. Have been slooooooowly picking them up here and there (back in The Before Times, they'd been showing up 1 or 2 at a time at my local flea market). Best of luck building the set!
Unknown said…
I have an unopened pack of Astronauts pictures with gum 5 cents. 3-D viewer in each pack…where can I find out more about them?
Unknown said…
I have 10, 32, 11, 44, 22,40,43, 54 and 53 with a 3D viewer and picture card 55 all for sale.