Feeling the Topps 206 regret

I will admit I got a little swept up in the Topps Project 2020 hype earlier in the spring and it carried over into me picking up some Topps 206 packs. I love tobacco-sized minis but clearly I should have waited for the cards to hit the secondary market and pick up what I was looking for rather than rolling the dice on two packs for $30. 

My cards are great looking and opening the boxes was fun in that it was an unusual product and my home region of Central Illinois is hurting for any new card packs in my local box stores. But I should have used the $30 bucks on an original T206 instead. 

Here's the first half of pack one with one Piedmont back. 

I'm excited about the Larry Doby mini and this half also had another Piedmont back.

Pack two started off stronger, with a Sweet Caporal and two Piedmont backa as well as a Reggie Jackson and a Johnny Bench card.

My favorite from the second half of the pack is Xander Bogaerts' card with a stadium behind him. No special backs in this half.

Thankfully, Series 1 took so long to reach me that I didn't really consider buying into Series 2 and 3 without seeing the finished product in my hands. I imagine I'll find some more of the set at card shows in the future instead of buying more retail packs, no matter how desperate I am for new wax.


Fuji said…
Nice looking cards. I hope to stumble across some of these in quarter bins one day.
GCA said…
They're nifty, alright, but not a buck-and-a-half a shot nifty...