Marvelous Miscuts No. 4: Making out of reach cards affordable

I love miscut cards and here are some of my favorites.

I've shown miscuts that are amazing/shocking and miscuts on beautiful cards, now let us move on to the miscut that brings cards that might be out of your budget's price range. Mint graded Gwynn rookies go for about $50 but this one was just a couple bucks as the top of the design rubs up against the top edge of the card. 

Tony's first Topps card is always a favorite since it is mainly a photo of the greatest Padres player ever's butt. I'm a sports reporter and honestly, if our photographer turned in this photo of a local player I would skip it for something else. The point is to be able to see the player clearly and although you get the player mugshot included in the 1983 design, it would still be a photo I would skip for something else. 

If I was ever to invest in a Gwynn card it would certainly be his 1982 TCMA minor league card from his stint with the Hawaii Islanders which was the Padres' AAA team. 


Fuji said…
Awesome card! If you're gonna go for a miscut card... I feel the more miscut, the better.