My NFL SuperPro Club Membership Card

During my parents recent visit down to the Heartbreaking Cards central office in Illinois, they brought several boxes of my stuff down and in one of the them was an old wallet with Mickey Mouse on it. My grandparents had given it to me following a trip to Disneyland decades ago and what I found inside was much better than some stray cash I had forgotten about. 

Inside I found my membership card to the Official Member NFL SuperPro Club. Not only that but the Green Bay Packers Chapter! That is my Dad's handwriting in place of my signature right above a facsimile of legendary NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle. 

I'm No. 734 of the Packers Chapter which I believe is a fairly low number. Auctions on eBay have membership cards numbered into the tens of thousands so I got in pretty close to the ground level. 

I really enjoy the back as it gives you incredible power to "all rights and privileges" and yet the NFL can yank all that power away at a moment's notice without notice.

The card originally came with a big packet of promotional materials based on your chapter team but I'm afraid most of those have been lost to history. This card will sit nicely with my Packers season ticket postcards and I'm glad I (and my parents) saved this amazing momento of when my Packers fandom was in its infancy. 


Cool stuff. I was a member
of the Jr Angels back in the 70s, but don't have any of the items anymore.
Fuji said…
Very cool collectible. Even cooler that it's a piece of your childhood.