My expanding Mike Fiers autograph collection

Before the COVID-19 pandemic slammed the breaks on my eBay purchasing, I was building a nice Mike Fiers autograph collection from 2019's Topps Archives Signature Series set. It's a product I would never rip on my own but I do enjoy finding some oddball cards to pick up each year it is released. 

Before Mike became one of the best pitchers in baseball, he spent five seasons with the Milwaukee Brewers where he was 21-28 record. The Brewers lost confidence and traded him to the Astros and he then signed with the Tigers in free agency. The Tigers then traded him to the A's where he has been 20-6 over a season and a half with the team.

Mike's autograph is great and he clearly spends some time signing each of his cards which I really appreciate. I also love the blue ink vertical autograph on his 2013 Topps Heritage card as a horizontal one would have been very difficult to read with the Brewers jersey.

 Logically, with the sign stealing scandal, Fiers autographs from his Astros days are a little more in demand and I've only been able to pick up the Opening Day version of his 2016 Topps card so far but I keep an eye out for cheap eBay auctions.

 Now, I'm still waiting for the legendary Fiers beard to make its way onto a card.


Fuji said…
I have one of these Archives buybacks of Fiers in his Astros. It's kind of a cool conversation piece. But I definitely want to add one of his A's signatures eventually.