Marvelous Miscuts No. 2: 1989 Fleer No. 104 Juan Berenguer

I love miscut cards and here are some of my favorites.

I like to think of this miscut as a Juan Berenguer card rather than an Allan Anderson card. Sure, Anderson's 1989 Fleer No. 102 takes up the top half of the card while Señor Smoke's card No. 104 is on the bottom but if a player's name is on the card, as far as I'm concerned it is his card !

As a Twins fan growing up I was a huge Berenguer fan and I've been working on trimming down my Berenguer needs list including some minor league cards that I will highlight sometime in the future. 

Anderson led the American League in ERA with a 2.45 mark to go along with his 16-9 record in 1988. He was 17-10 in 1989 but only pitched for the Twins through the 1991 season and then he was out of the league. 


Trevor P said…
I'm pretty sure Allan Anderson wouldn't have been my answer to the trivia question, "Who led the AL in ERA in 1988?"
One of the worst vertical cuts I've seen. Nice!
gcrl said…
I seem to recall that Anderson was the "anti-ted Williams" in that he sat out his last start to preserve his era and win the title as teddy Higuera was right on his heels.
Fuji said…
A. Awesome card. In an era where condition was super important, I'm surprised this escaped quality control... which makes it even cooler.

B. I'm totally with Trevor P. I probably would have thrown out names like Dave Stewart, Roger Clemens, or Dave Stieb.

C. Awesome trivia gcrl!