Joy of the Completed Set: 1982 Kellogg's 3-D Super Stars

Another set completed! This one came to me in a huge chunk as a Christmas present from my Dad and I just had to add a couple cards to wrap it up. Those cards got stuck in Washington as CheckOutMyCards was closed down for the quarantine but they finally arrived. 

No disrespect to the Mariners' Richie Zisk, but you've got to wonder wonder what the good people at Kellogg's were thinking making him No. 1 on the checklist of the 1982 Kellogg's set is crazy. There are five solid better picks in the first nine cards that would have made more sense, most notably Rickey Henderson who led the league in stolen bases, hits and runs the previous season. 

In the days before easily accessible baseball information, the backs of the Kellogg's sets were pretty amazing. Long paragraphs with a bunch of interesting tidbits about the players. Such as, Jack Morris' favorite hobby is "sports" and Tom Seaver enjoys playing bridge. Rickey Henderson's write up takes MVP voters to task for giving the award to Rollie Fingers in 1981 instead of Henderson. 

These cards of course bend pretty badly with the "3-D technology" used. I think my favorite overall card is Pete Rose at card No. 18. 

To me, the design looks like a blue cloud that has opened up to show your favorite ball player about the throw the ball or swing the bat. Here's the rest of the set:  


night owl said…
For whatever reason, I've seen less of the '82 set than just about any other Kellogg's set. It was interesting to see them all at once, several new to me.
Fuji said…
Congratulations on receiving your COMC order and completing this awesome set.
It'd be interesting to do a breakdown of each of the 70's and 80's Kellogg's sets and rank them based on percentage of hall of famers (kinda like what Night Owl does with Topps sets). I have a feeling this one would rank pretty high.