Joy of the Completed Insert Set: 2012 Bowman Platinum Cutting Edge Stars

I'm always a sucker for shiny die cut cards and so the 2012 Bowman Platinum Cutting Edge Stars is right up my alley. Well, that would have been the case and had I known about them at the time. 

Bowman Platinum has not been a product that I have seen in the wild very often and when I do find the random blaster box, there is typically something I would chose over it like Heritage or Allen and Ginter. These came to me all at once this Christmas in a box of ebay finds my Dad has come upon. 

Each card has blue foil in the middle and the only design difference is the middle color near the players head. It could be pink (what?), a weird brown (more what?), green (everyone thinks of green with the Pittsburgh Pirates players) and several different blue shades. It leads to some odd looking cards. 

Back are sort of how-hum but interestingly, the colors on the back don't go with the colors on the front. No pink on Allen Craig's card, just the standard Cardinal red.

Here's the rest of the insert set which includes some interesting player choices. I totally forgot Ivan Nova was 16-4 for the Yankees in 2011. Heath Bell led the league in saves (42) in 2009. I really thought Matt Moore was going to be another David Price for the Rays (he was 17-4 in 2013) but he hasn't been the same since Tommy John surgery. Zach Greinke was 25-9 for the Brewers over his year and half with the team in 2011-12.


Ooh, very nice. I'm collecting the 2012 set but elected against the Cutting Edge Stars. I might have to rethink that.
Fuji said…
That's a pretty big insert set. Kinda cool to see a JD Martinez insert before he blossomed into the super star he is today.