1955 Topps Doubleheaders Needs List

The 1955 Topps Doubleheaders set is an easy one to overlook. As one of Topps first non-flagship experiments it is largely overshadowed by the main set. The set population is very small and frankly there aren't a lot of examples to collect. It just isn't a set you often stumble upon at a card show or garage sale.

The very nature of the cards -- collectors get two card in one by folding over the top part of the card -- which if you did that five or 10 times, your card is basically destroyed. Pristine examples of the most valuable cards in the set (including Ted Williams, Jackie Robinson and Hank Aaron) are worth many thousands and so I have no delusions about tracking down those cards. But I enjoy the tall illustrated cards and so this list is just to keep a record of what I've been able to find so far.

Last updated: 01-20-21

1-2 Al Rosen, Chuck Diering
3-4 Monte Irvin, Russ Kemmerer
5-6 Ted Kazanski, Gordon Jones
7-8 Bill Taylor, Billy O'Dell
9-10 JW Porter, Thornton Kipper
11-12 Curt Roberts, Arnie Portocarrero
13-14 Wally Westlake, Frank House
15-16 Rube Walker, Lou Limmer
17-18 Dean Stone, Charlie White
19-20 Karl Spooner, Jim Hughes
21-22 Bill Skowron, Frank Sullivan
23-24 Jack Shepard, Stan Hack
25-26 Jackie Robinson Don Hoak
27-28 Dusty Rhodes, Jim Davis
29-30 Vic Power, Ed Bailey
31-32 Howie Pollet,  Ernie Banks
33-34 Jim Pendleton, Gene Conley
35-36 Karl Olson, Andy Carey
37-38 Wally Moon, Joe Cunningham
39-40 Fred Marsh, Jake Thies
41-42 Ed Lopat, Harvey Haddix
43-44 Leo Kiely, Chuck Stobbs
45-46 Al Kaline, Corky Valentine
47-48 Spook Jacobs, Johnny Gray
49-50 Ron Jackson, Jim Finigan
51-52 Ray Jablonski, Bob Keegan
53-54 Billy Herman, Sandy Amoros
55-56 Chuck Harmon, Bob Skinner
57-58 Bill Hall, Bob Grim
59-60 Bill Glynn, Bob Miller
61-62 Billy Gardner, Johnny Hetki
63-64 Bob Borkowski,  Bob Turley
65-66 Joe Collins, Jack Harshman
67-68 Jim Hegan, Jack Parks
69-70 Ted Williams, Hal Smith
71-72 Gair Allie, Joe Hatten
73-74 Jerry Lynch, Harry Brecheen
75-76 Tom Wright,  Bunky Stewart
77-78 Dave Hoskins, Ed McGhee
79-80 Roy Sievers, Art Fowler
81-82 Danny Schell, Gus Triandos
83-84 Joe Frazier, Don Mossi
85-86 Elmer Valo, Hal Brown
87-88 Bob Kennedy, Windy McCall
89-90 Ruben Gomez, Jim Rivera
91-92 Lou Ortiz, Milt Bolling
93-94 Carl Sawatski, El Tappe
95-96 Dave Jolly, Bobby Hofman
97-98 Preston Ward, Don Zimmer
99-100 Bill Renna, Dick Groat
101-102 Bill Wilson, Bill Tremel
103-104 Hank Sauer, Camilo Pascual
105-106 Hank Aaron, Ray Herbert
107-108 Alex Grammas, Tom Qualters
109-110 Hal Newhouser, Charlie Bishop
111-112 Harmon Killebrew, Johnny Podres
113-114 Ray Boone, Bob Purkey
115-116 Dale Long, Ferris Fain
117-118 Steve Bilko, Bob Milliken
119-120 Mel Parnell, Tom Hurd
121-122 Ted Kluszewski,  Jim Owens
123-124 Gus Zernial, Bob Trice
125-126 Rip Repulski, Ted Lepcio
127-128 Warren Spahn, Tom Brewer
129-130 Jim Gilliam, Ellis Kinder
131-132 Herm Wehmeier, Wayne Terwilliger


Fuji said…
The creativity behind this set is mind-blowing. I'd love to see Topps do a remake of this set for Archives one day.