2018 Topps Stranger Things Season One Needs List


I'm down to just a couple of inserts to complete Season 1 and I have a bunch of double inserts and base cards if anyone is interested in a trade.


The Topps Stranger Things set for Season 1 really filled the void for me this year waiting for the 2019 products to finally arrive. At first I was a little concerned about never even seeing the product in the wild because if you are able to land an autograph from the set you can receive a huge return on investment but I've been lucky in finding some blasters at Walmart.

I'm mainly looking for the inserts stickers, character and scene cards. I'm also going for the patch replica cards that came one-per-blaster.

2018 Topps Stranger Things Season 1 Checklist

Last Updated: 8-6-19

Base set


Character stickers


Character cards

2, 4, 5, 6, 12, 13. 16, 18, 19. 20

Scene stickers

3, 8

Commemorative Patch Set Checklist

Barbara Holland - Hawkins High School
Benny Hammond - Benny's Burgers
Connie Frazier - Benny's Burgers
Connie Frazier - Hawkins National Laboratory
Dustin Henderson - Hawkins Middle School
Eleven - Benny's Burgers
Eleven - Hawkins National Laboratory
Florence - Hawkins Police Station
Jim Hopper - Benny's Burgers
Jim Hopper - Hawkins Police Station
Jonathan Byers - Hawkins High School
Lucas Sinclair - Hawkins Middle School
Martin Brenner - Hawkins National Laboratory
Mike Wheeler - Hawkins Middle School
Nancy Wheeler - Hawkins High School
Officer Callahan - Hawkins Police Station
Officer Powell - Benny's Burgers
Officer Powell - Hawkins Police Station
Scott Clarke - Hawkins Middle School
Shepard - Hawkins National Laboratory
Steve Harrington - Hawkins High School
Terry Ives - Hawkins National Laboratory
Tommy H. - Hawkins High School
Will Byers - Hawkins Middle School


Commishbob said…
I love the show. But I have yet to actually see any of the cards for sale anywhere (other than online, of course). I've been tempted to buy a box but I have too many other projects to pull the trigger right now.
SumoMenkoMan said…
I can help you out with a few of the character stickers and most of your base cards. No trade needed, just shoot me your address. My email is rakuda_chan @ yahoo dot com