Joy of the Completed Set: 1990 Champion Cards 25th Anniversary Green Bay Packers Super Bowl I Commemorative Edition

With the Green Bay Packers summer camps starting  up, let's honor the Green and Gold with a Joy of the Completed Set post on a small Packers' set with a really long name. 

Here is the 1990 Champion Cards 25th Anniversary Green Bay Packers Super Bowl I Commemorative Edition. Got all that? 

This yellow-boarded set has 45 cards honoring the first Super Bowl winning team. All the stars are here -- Bart Starr, Herb Adderly, Ray Nitschke -- and several make multiple appearances in both color and black and white photography. 

The backs are a treasure trove of information, especially on those lesser known players that don't get a lot of the attention. 

Some of those lesser known players getting cards include halfback Donny Anderson and backup quarterback Zeke Bratkowski.

One of the biggest gaps in any Packers collector is Vince Lombardi cards. There are just a handful of Topps and Philadelphia cards that were actually produced during Lombardi's coaching days and since then there really haven't been that many opportunities where he was included in new sets. Not only was he included here but he is sporting a wonderful Packers jacket as well! 

1960's football players look like the parents of football players today as Henry Jordan and Jim Weatherwax have to be approaching 50 years old in these photos. 

Dave Hathcock gives us an action shot and I love the Bill Curry extended helmet. 

That's it! Short but sweet.


DaveAU said…
How many cards would have the players position as "Flanker" such as the Carroll Dale card here? Very cool oddball set.
Fuji said…
Awesome set. The Max McGee action shot is my favorite card. This team was a little before my time, but my parents were huge fans and even attended Super Bowl I.
Jafronius said…
Congrats on the team set!