April 4, 2018

What is going on with this kid from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure?

Yesterday I was reminded that someday there might be a third Bill & Ted's movie and so I dusted off Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey for a watch.

Bill and Ted take their kidnapped historical figures to a classic '80's mall and as Joan of Arc is looking at some weightlifters (which is something you would commonly see in a mall back then, right?) a guy in a baseball jersey walks behind her.

As the camera moves it becomes clear that his is wearing a Houston Astros jersey with a "We Are Family"-era Pittsburgh Pirates outfit? What the heck is going on here?

Points for wearing the best baseball cap every created but heavy deductions for wearing two different teams at the same time. That's worse than wearing a band's shirt to their concert.  Also heavy deductions for tucking in a jersey. Please, don't ever pull a Michael Wilbon.

But is it actually a Pirates cap? The cap the kid is wearing is missing the large "P" that you can clearly see on Bill Madlock's cap below. I looked around at the Pirate jersey designs and couldn't find one that doesn't feature the "P." So was it a generic ripoff? Was there another company making those honeycomb style hats at the time? 

April 2, 2018

My Wallet Card, Three Years Later

More than three years ago (January 5th, 2015 to be exact), I did a post where I picked out a wallet card which was the fidget spinner of the trading card blogs at the time. I went with the 1980 Topps No. 623 Gorman Thomas and it has been in my wallet ever since. Here is the cards current condition (on the left) versus day one (on the right). 

Here's the reverse side which is showing some age. 

I will admit that over the past year I've sort of forgotten it was with me everywhere I go. The first year I would remember to take it out and snap a photo. I took it to the Atlantic Ocean ...

the Everglades ...

Stone Mountain ...

the Louisville Slugger Museum ...

I know some bloggers have replaced their cards over the years but I've stock with mine so far and I think it has held up pretty well. I guess that's a testament to the quality of the 1980 Topps set? I never thought I would ever type that sentence in a post. Long story short, in 2018 I'm going to try to up my wallet card game a little more and remember to actually get it out of the wallet more often.