Show and Tell #133: A Summer Trade From the Summer of '74

Here are the results of a recent trade from Matt of the Summer of '74 blog. He sent me a collection of Twins, Royals, Mariners, and a couple of great cards I'm not sure how he knew I would love. We start off with a Bill Madlock 1980 Topps buyback which are a pretty rare find in 2014 Topps products.

Next up is a James Shield Royals jersey relic from 2014 Topps. Shields signed with the Padres before the 2015 season and missed out on the Royals World Series run.

Next we have two cards that could each be reprints that you might have trouble identifying with just a card scan alone. Turns out Carlos Beltran's second Topps flagship card is real and the Bo Jackson is from the Berger's Best insert set from 2016 Topps. The Jackson is obvious with the card in-hand as it is a modern glossy card. 

Don't you miss the days when Beltran's rookie was in 1995 Topps and his second Topps flagship card was released five years later!?

Omar Vizquel's Fleer rookie card can be found in 1989 Fleer Update and so this 1990 Fleer card was realistically my first chance of pulling a Fleer card for the all-time leader in double plays at shortstop.

I'm not sure exactly who Matt knew I was looking for this card as I haven't put together a First Pitch needs list but it was in my trade package anyway.

Also included were two TTM/in-person Mariners autographs of mid-80's designated history Ken Phelps and pitcher Pete Ladd who went 8-6 in his one season with Mariners in 1986. 

I even got this awesome signature card! Thanks for the trade Matt and I will look for some stuff for you at the National in a few weeks!


Matt Prigge said…
Glad you liked the bundle!