Ripping Some Rick and Morty Mini Figure Blind Boxes

Rick and Morty Season 3 is coming soon! 

As in it arrives in a few weeks, July 30th to be exact, and as the new trailer and premiere dates have been released, I've been spending my baseball card money on the mystery minis figure boxes that are available only at Target. You might overlook these sort of items if you stick to the Target trading card aisle by the checkouts. My local target stocks these in a sort of "pop culture" section behind the books and video section and was a box of these with 12 figures to choose from with a $5.99 price tag. 

The 12-figure box size allows for a really small chance of pulling a double as the only figure with a lower than 1/12 chance of pulling is Mr. Puppy Butthole at 1:6. But really, who would be mad at pulling double of everyone's favorite Rick and Morty character.

And wouldn't you know it, my first box gave Mr. Poopybutthole. His figure is substantially smaller than the other figures and if you have some time you can easily search the boxes and find his (or avoid it if you already pulled his figure)

Next up with have Birdperson, who we learned in the Season 3 premiere that aired on April 1st is still alive and with us, although he has been slightly augmented. This was one of the top figures I wanted to pull and I'm glad I got him.

My last figure turned out to be Summer glancing at her phone. Of all the characters in the show, she has gone from my least favorite characters to one of the best. She and Rick share one of my favorite all-time moments in the show, the body building scenes with DMX as the theme.

Overall, I would recommend these to Rick and Morty fans. Although they are made by Funko, the art style stays true to the show and are high quality. They are pretty sturdy sitting on by desk and I hope that they continue to expand the characters available (especially with Morty variations).  


Doe M.G. said…
Haven't seen these before now. Cool.