Possibly The Most Disturbing Chicago Cubs Cash-In Yet

Living in Illinois as I do, I'm sometimes surprised to be reminded that another baseball team also plays in Chicago other than the Cubs. It's a Cubs world here and we all just live in it and the White Sox are nowhere to be found.

The other day I was flipping through the newspaper coupon book/penny saver thing that comes once a week and a small postcard fell out into my lap. I recoiled in horror and I was face to face with the deep dark blue eyes of Kyle, the Littlest Cubs Fan. This officially licensed monstrosity product (thanks a lot MLB!) is a vinyl doll (and not a toy by the way, it is a collectible! as the fine print reads under his left elbow) dressed in a Cubs jersey that can be yours for only $159.99!

I pick up a lot of Chicago Cubs cards and oddballs for my L.T.T.P.R.M.D. (Long Time Trading Partner Reader Mike D.) and this would work out sooooo well for our next trade!

Me: "Oh, thanks Mike for finding an original 1954 Spic and Span Andy Pafko for me! That must have taken some time to track down."

Mike: "It was wasn't too hard, I found a good deal from a seller after about eight hours of searching." 

Me: "Thanks again. Here's your part of the trade. It is Kyle, the Littlest Cubs Fan."

Mike: "Delete my contact information."

At least you now know how you can push the eject button on any friendship you have with a Cubs fan. Plus, that $159.99 isn't so bad as you can spread it out over six payments of $26.67! 


JediJeff said…
Get south of Cermak and tell us we don't exist.

Commishbob said…
Which sounds creepier?

"Hit one out of the park---order Kyle today"


"Add Kyle to your roster?"
Tony Burbs said…
That. Is. Disturbing. Burn it with fire!
Fuji said…
First time in a long time... I'm not disappointed that a company left the Oakland A's off their checklist. I can see hundreds of these being passed around in December as white elephant gifts.
mike said…
Haha Fuji!
Anyways, PLEASE DO NOT give us one of these dolls in the trade package! Ahem, my two girls have enough stuffed animals and dolls the way it is. But at least kudos to the company, the dolls do look somewhat real. Not something I want to "collect" or "invest in" but it is what it is. I do like they threw in the six payments option.