May 3, 2017

Trunk Cards

If you know me at all personally or through trades, my shipping address has changed many, many times since starting this blog. Originally, my first posts were done while attending the University of Washington in Seattle. My wife (fiance at the time) and I then moved to Lawrence, Kansas for her graduate work and we lived right down the street from the University of Kansas football stadium.

From there we spent a year living in Ukraine and Latvia while while Mrs. Heartbreaking Cards had a fellowship to do research there and the card collection sat in my parent's attic. If you are interested in reading more about that time in my life, I wrote a travel blog about it called Use My Camera.

The job hunt then brought us to the Atlanta area and I got to meet and hang out with the legendary Dave the Cardboard Junkie and that was the start of our podcast, The Trading Card Preservation Society. Last summer was spent in Washington D.C. followed by a job change for my wife and a relocation to Decatur, Illinois which is in the middle of the state. This past weekend was one last move for us as we joined the wonderful world of being homeowners. Our decade on the road is officially over!

The move also meant moving the baseball card collection one last time before finding a permanent home. Here it is in the trunk of my car (well, about 70% of it as the rest was piled in the back seat). With all the moves I've trimmed the collection quite a bit over the years and it sits currently at about 15 of those 3,200 card boxes. Of course, it rained all weekend during the move so keeping it nice and dry was a challenge but I'm glad it is over. I'll share a photo when I get things set up in the new digs. 
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