Show and Tell #131: I Need More Trades Like This One From I Need New Hobbies

Sometimes serendipity will strike with baseball card trades and that was the case with Scott from I Need New Hobbies (@INeedNewHobbies) when I put up my Bill Madlock needs list. He happened to have a Madlock 1974 Topps rookie card sitting around and readily available and so sent it my way. 

Madlock played a few games for the Rangers in 1973 but he wouldn't be featured on a Topps card until 1974. Madlock would be the only of the four prospects that would have a long-term career, although collectors not paying too close attention might confuse Tigers' prospect Ron Cash for Tigers legend Norm Cash and Reggie Sanders of the Tigers for Reggie Sanders of the Cincinnati Reds.

Thanks again for the trade Scott!


Scott Crawford said…
De nada, Matt. Hope you were able to use some of the other Madlocks I threw in there, too!