My Larry Fritsch Andy Pafko Card

This past week, Jeff Fritsch, owner of Larry Fritsch Cards, passed away. His father, Larry, started the card company in 1970 and was responsible for some memorable sets that offer a great alternative to your typical Topps flagship sets.

As I was sorting through my Andy Pafko collection yesterday, I came upon a Fritsch card from 1983 that is one of my favorites because of its blue border. The set was made to honor the 30th anniversary of the Braves moving from Boston to Milwaukee and the backs have a very extensive player write-up. This card is a favorite of mine too as it mentions my hometown of Eau Claire, WI where Pafko started his professional career for the Braves minor league team the Eau Claire Bears.


night owl said…
Gee whiz, it doesn't seem like his father died all that long ago. RIP.