A.J. Hawk Retirement Collection

A.J. Hawk, the Packers rock at middle linebacker during their Super Bowl XLV, announced his retirement today. He retired as a Packer, coming back for a day after spending two seasons away with the Bengals and the Falcons. To honor the day, here are a few highlights from my Hawk collection.

These great captain's patches could be found in blasters of 2012 Topps.

Here are two of my Hawk rookies from 2006 Score and 2006 Topps. Hawk was the originator of the long blonde hair sticking out of the back of his helmet that Clay Matthews would go on to perfect. 

 Hawk was drafted by the Packers out of THE Ohio State University in the 1st round of the 2006 draft. Towards the end of his career he cut his hair much shorter and you can tell on one of my favorite cards features him in the navy and gold Acme Packers jerseys from 2015 Score. Hawk had already joined the Bengals and so he's featured as a Packer but with the Bengals' logo.

Here are two of the more Hawk cards in my collection. They are a part of the Packers team sets offered by police departments across Wisconsin. As a kid I remember asking police officers if they had any Brewers cards but for whatever reason I never thought to ask them if they had any Packers cards as well. 

I don't have any Hawk autographs yet but I do have several jersey relics including these two from 2009 Upper Deck Football Heroes and 2008 SPx Football.


Fuji said…
Go Hawk Go! Gonna miss #50.