My Retail Pack Success In 2017 Topps Heritage

I've been pretty interested in 2017 Topps Heritage but not enough to buy a box or blaster. So I have been exclusively buying retail packs, one or two at a time each time I stop at my local Target. And so far I've had some amazing results.

I've pulled three Rediscover Topps card in each of my first three packs. And for some reason I'm hitting a vein of Pittsburgh Pirates bronze and silver stamped cards including two 1987 Topps cards and one from 2014 Topps featuring a Future Stars card of Pirates outfielder Starling Marte.

While those are nice, they don't compare to this MOJO that I pulled in my third retail pack. A rookie autograph of Astros prospect Alex Bregman! These blue-ink autographs have gone for more than $150 on eBay and as I don't rookie prospect or particularly care about the Astros, the question is if I should sell it now or hold onto it and see what Bregman does in the season that might push things up. This is certainly my best retail pack pull in many years!

I also pulled one of the 1968 Topps Game rookies which are only available in Target retail packs.

And then there is a card of the year contender...or at least beard of the year contender! Jason Heyward's Cubs card which just makes me happy to look at.


Tony Burbs said…
Congratulations on the major pull! I'd honestly put it on the market now, but then, I've never been much of a gambler.
Hackenbush said…
Wow! If you can get anywhere near that I'd sell.
night owl said…
That would singlehandedly launch me into the world of ebay selling.
The Dimwit said…
My good man, if you do so choose to part with Sir Alex Bregman, I would like to partake in one of these here "trades" these kids have been raving about these days.
Chris said…
Nice Bregman auto! Congrats on the huge retail hit!
Kin said…
Count me among the "sell" crowd, if you are not planning to keep for your personal collection.

If you decide you don't want those Pirates Rediscovers, let me know!