My Experience

I recently heard of a webpage offering free autographs which logically peaked my interest. Who doesn't love free autographs. The webpage,, askes for a $2 shipping and handling paypal payment and in a few days you will receive an autograph in the mail.

The site is run by Alex of the Alex's Autographs blog which has a lot of helpful information on through-the-mail autograph requests and an interesting list of his autograph request failures through the years...including a lot of failed requests for former Cubs prospect Earl Cunningham.

So I could spend $2 on a pack of 2017 Topps Series 1 or take a roll of the dice on a free autograph. So I sent my payment in and received an envelope in the mail about a week later. Given there was just a $2 shipping fee, I was fully expecting a plain white envelope and what I received was a step up from the basic envelope. My autograph also came in a toploader taped shut. So what did I get?

My card was a 2001 Royal Rookies Bryant Nelson autograph #970/6995. Nelson was originally drafted by the Houston Astros in 1993 and bounced around in the minors to several teams including the Arizona Diamondbacks as it says on the back of his Royal Rookies card. Nelson eventually did make the majors in 2002 with the Boston Red Sox for 28 games.

So, it was no Hall of Fame autograph but the website delivered exactly what it promised. If you aren't very excited by new wax and want to build your autograph collection I would say give the website a try. I think I will pull the autograph slot machine lever again myself and see what I get. 


Josh D. said…
Was "" already taken?
Jon said…
I don't know if I will ever try this or not, but it does sound like a fun idea.