1982 Columbus Police Columbus Cllippers Steve Balboni Minor League Card

One of the tables at the central Illinois regional card show places all of his card face up on the long tables all in toploaders. Most of the cards were 90's inserts and some nice rookies from the 80's that essentially hold no value today. The cards were lined up in nice straight precise rows except one card that jumped out as being in a 50's vintage size toploader that threw the alignment off. 

When I finally got around to taking a look at the card, I was surprised to find a 1982 Columbus Clippers card of Steve Balboni. The price says $15 but don't worry, the cards one the table were 15 cards for $10.00 so it set me back 67 cents. 

The Columbus Clippers are the AAA team for the New York Yankees and many early 80's Clippers sets are famous for having some of the earliest pre-rookie cards of Don Mattingly. Balboni's early card is the only other players of note in the 25-card set. 

The set itself was issued by the Columbus, Ohio Police Department and Balboni's card explains how to score an assist and to always keep an eye out on your neighbor's place when they are away. Balboni would be traded to the Royals in 1983 and with the Royals he would hit 119 home runs from 1984-1987.