My Green Bay Packers Wheaties Box Behind Two Inches of Plastic

 Along with my Bob Uecker baseball from yesterday's post, another highlight from my Christmas gifts this year includes a Wheaties box celebrating the Green Bay Packers victory over the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl XXXI.

You might not notice from the first photo that this particular box is sealed in a plastic box that would make Fort Knox proud. Plus, the box is in "mint" condition...meaning the cereal is still in his particular box.

I assume that someone got the bright idea to seal these up and sell them as keepsakes from the Packers first Super Bowl since 1967 because after closer examination I don't see a way to slip the box out of the plastic...not that I would ever want to. The reverse side of the box has some nice art and also an essay about their Super Bowl victory.

This isn't the first Wheaties box that sits in my office. I have had a box circa-1987 featuring the Minnesota Twins celebrating their World Series victory over the St. Louis Cardinals. My box is certainly not in mint condition and thankfully the cereal is long gone. The back of the Twins box has a similar write up along with a team photo.


Fuji said…
Excellent Christmas present. I have the same box sitting on my shelf in my classroom... although I pulled out the cereal years ago.