Kris Bryant's 2017 Topps #1 Card Could Have Been Better

Kris Bryant was selected as card #1 of Topp 2017 Series 1 which is available February 1st. He's a fine choice and I love the horizontal design for the premiere card of the series. But... my opinion, the card could have been so much better. Just take a look at all the wasted space the damned chryon they call a design takes up. It's about 1/3 of the whole card. Wouldn't it have been great to see the whole catcher instead of just the top half of his head? Wouldn't it have been better to see nearly all of Bryant's swing? I think this set is going to be some of the most frustrating pack ripping I will experience since trying to find out if one of my cards has a "sparkle" hidden somewhere on it.  


I agree. It's not even so much the waste space. He looks liek he just struck out.
madding said…
This entire set is flaming garbage, and it hasn't even technically hit the streets yet. I thought the front design would be the worst thing about it, but I am super angry about the lack of complete stats on the back. To me, that was the last redeeming thing about the base Topps set. (I also rebelled against last year's set, but this is way worse.)
Md Shawon said…
frnds....this is a my very needed post in that time
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