January 15, 2017

Apparently There Is A Limit To My Packer Fandom

Whenever I am visiting home in Wisconsin, I always make a point to stop in at a Shopko to check out their section devoted to the Packers and Badgers. Each time I go the section seems to have grown and I can only imagine what it will expand to if we win the Super Bowl this year.

There was a pretty sizable clearance section which I made a beeline for. There were some older t-shirt designs and players that weren't with the Packers anymore. There was also this coat which amazingly didn't seem to be a hot seller.

It gets even better on the back as it actually has the game scores from each of the Packers' Super Bowl wins. I wondered if there was a limit to my Packer fandom and I think I have finally found it. It is the equivalent of an "ugly Christmas sweater" but the person who buys this is definitely not wearing it ironically.

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