Non-Sports Cards of the Day: 2015 Lawrence Public Library Banned Book Week Cards

Sometimes I think that I should call my daily non-sports posts as "cards you don't have." Here's a small set that I'm sure next to no one else out these has...unless you live in Lawrence, Kansas. I lived in the home of the Jayhawks from 2008 to 2014 and the local library, the Lawrence Public Library, began issuing their own small set of trading cards in honor of Banned Book Week in 2012. I've written about the sets a few times before and today's post highlights the 2015 edition of the cards which you can still purchase if this whets your appetite. 

And by the way, the 2016 winners were recently announced! The winners include The Jungle, The Color Purple, and A People's History of the United States.  

We begin with my favorite from the 2015 sets which honors The Call of the Wild and was created by Alexandra Simmons. 

Next we have Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? with an original art piece by Rosey Anderson and The Secret Life of Bees interpreted by Emmi Murao. 

One work I was personally unfamiliar with until receiving this was was the graphic novel Persepolis which is about growing up during the Iranian Revolution. The artistic interpretation is by Aidan Rothrock. On the right is an original piece by Lana Grove about the novel American Psycho.

The last two cards in the set are devoted to two of the most famous American novels from the 20th century, Catch-22 (with art by Barry Fitzgerald) and Of Mice & Men (with art by Larissa Wilson).


Hackenbush said…
I think the Brown Bear, Brown Bear book was banned because they confused the author with someone else with the same name. Oy veh!
Matt Flaten said…
Yep, that's right Hackenbush. Mistaken identity for the author of the book Ethical Marxism: The Categorical Imperative of Liberation. It happened in Texas.