Non-Sports Card of the Day: 2015 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Sid Meier Relic

Today's non-sports card had me confused about which set it came from taking a look at the front of the card. We have "Goudey Memorabilia" running down the side and a photograph of video game legend Sid Meier wearing a polo shirt that a piece of might be embedded in the card. The graphic design doesn't strike me as something very recent and that isn't a criticism. I like the look of it and was surprised when flipping it over that it originates from 2015 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions. 

Sid Meier, by the grace of including his name on many of his video games, most famously Sid Meier's Civilization series (Civilization 6 was released in October) he is one of the best known video game celebrities although they probably wouldn't know him if they ran into him on the street. The Goodwin Champions set also features an autographed card of  Meier as well.


Corky said…
I picked up a number of his cards from the set recently, I am a big fan of his games.