Non-Sports Card of the Day: 1936 Wills's Cigarettes Household Hints

Back before you could look up anything on Wikipedia or watch a how-to video on YouTube, smokers could get helpful household hints inside their cigarette packs. I'm talking about a notable Wills's Cigarette tobacco card set that featured a whole host of tips that would make the hosts of This Old House jealous, from how to remove a stuck screw to how to make your own lighter (don't try that one at home!). Today's card, which was issued in 1936, highlights how to fix the casters on a chair with rolling legs.

The household hints cards found an audience with customers and Wills's issued several mroe sets  with the first one coming out in 1927. A second set followed in 1930 with many more into the 50's and 60's. As always, collectors would also get a special album for the cards from their tobacconist.