November 23, 2016

Non-Sports Card of the Day: Illuminati Confirmed! 1911 T56 Emblem Cigarettes Master Mason

Today's non-sports card is more than a century old and it is one of the oldest cards in my collection. Emblem Cigarettes, which was a part of the larger American Tobacco Company, appropriately enough based on their company name issued a set of famous emblems for organizations and groups from America and around the world. This is card #48 and features the emblem of the Master Mason...a.k.a.. the shadowy controllers of everything, including the media, government, and the financial world. 

The reverse side explains the history of the Masons in America and its origins from 1733. The three level of Masonry are Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and the last which is featured on the front of the card, Master Mason. Searching around, there are also reverse side variations that feature the Hassan Cigarettes logo that collectors have placed a premium on.

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