Non-Sports Card of the Day: 1924 S.S. Adriatic Tobacco Card

Today in the world of non-sports card we have this tobacco card that is approaching 100 years old. This is from Wills's (watch those apostrophes people!) Cigarettes Merchant Ships of the World set that was issued in the Wills's cigarette brand packs in 1924. The set had 50 ships in it and the S.S. Adriatic is card #39. 

The Adriatic was a part of the White Star Line that had ships who brought passengers from Liverpool, England to New York City. The Adriatic and her four sister ships (the Baltic, Cedric, and Celtic) were called The Big Four and the Adriatic could hold 3,000 passengers. During World War I the ship served as a troopship and was in service until 1935. 

The Wills's brand dates back as far as 1786 and they were one of the first companies to use cigarette cards. 


Billy Kingsley said…
I love it. The tobacco card era is one of my favorites. There were so many sets and most of them are the first time I've ever seen them.
Tony Burbs said…
Ah, the infamous White Star Line. I used to be fascinated by the history surrounding the Titanic and other shipwrecks when I was a kid and thus that name always catches my attention.

These tobacco cards are always a welcome sight on the blogosphere!