What The Hell Is This Twin Peaks Cassette?

I was looking around Half Price Books in Minnesota a few weeks ago when I came upon the more rare and unique items that they keep in locked cabinet. A cassette caught my eye and upon closer inspection it looks to be a Twin Peaks cassette! What the hell is this? 

Doing a little researching on it, the cassette was released in 1991 during Season 2's original run on ABC. It was sold as an audiobook on its own and interestingly enough, Kyle MacLachlan was nominated for a Grammy for his performance on the cassette. Here's the unobstructed cover for a copy that is on sale on Amazon for roughly the same price so Half Price Books isn't too far off from the market price.

If you don't feel like spending the money, the audio is actually available on YouTube and at 45 minutes long it includes the Diane clips from the show plus additional information for super fans. 

Rumor has it the third season of the show will arrive on Showtime in May of 2017 although there hasn't been an official announcement yet. When the new project was announced I thought if there is anyway to start the series on the right note, it would start in a huge FBI office building with a secretary (who the camera never gives a good look at) opening correspondence and in one package two or three tapes falls out on the desk with "Diane" written on them. If we get to see Diane the third season will be a success in my opinion!