This Week In Political Cards: Some Presidential Debate Cards

Tonight is the second Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and given this week's news about Trumps leaked comments and Clinton's leaked speeches this has the set up for the most watched debate in American history. I took a look through my political cards and dug out some that were appropriate for tonight's event. 

In 2009, Topps issued two cards in honor of the first televised debate between John Kennedy and Richard Nixon in 1960. The card on the left is from the 2009 Topps Heritage New Flashback insert and the card on the right is from 2009 Topps American Heritage base card done in the style of 1961 Topps. 

My first Hillary Clinton card comes from the Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Retrospective set that that was included in just about every 2009 Upper Deck set. We get Hillary standing next to Bill Clinton as he takes the oath of office from Chief Justice William Rehnquist.

Hillary fought John McCain twice in the Presidential Predictors inserts from Upper Deck in 2008. I only had two versions of these cards on hand but there are four other variations including one with McCain as an umpire and Hillary kicking dirt on him. 

In the Topps Obama Inauguration set from 2009, Hillary is featured on a card when Hillary endorsed Obama  in June following what we thought then was a long primary season.

I don't have a Donald Trump card but I did find a great substitute again from the Upper Deck Retrospective superset. 

Topps has also issued some great Garbage Pail Kids this election cycle but some of my favorite ones came in their original few series. Both Abraham Wrinklin' and George Washingdone comes from the Series 6 of the 1986 set. Going after two of the most beloved Presidents in American history, it's no wonder why my parents wouldn't let me collect Garbage Pail Kids when I was young.


Fuji said…
Great post. I always enjoy looking at political cardboard.