Finding Some Surprises In My "Rookies" Box

This summer I had my baseball card collection in storage and before that I really hadn't done much with it since probably March. Last night I need to find some rookies for a trade I was organizer and when I opened my "Rookies" box I was pleasantly surprised to find that my rookies had been organized by player's last name. I have absolutely no memory of doing this and it must have taken an hour or two to do so it wasn't a small feat. Anyway, it made my search a lot easier than I originally thought it would be. 

 Having given up on working on complete sets a few years ago [I mainly do insert sets or team sets now], I reorganized my collection alphabetically by player. I would dump my rookies into my "Rookies" box and over time I would pick out the stars from the box and include them in my regular collection under their name. In my searching I found a few cards that certainly needed to be moved from the "Rookies" box, including this 2011 Topps Heritage Minor League Gary Sanchez red variation out of numbered out of 620.

Plus another Sanchez insert from 2011 Bowman Chrome from his pre-giant arm tattoo days. 

I'm also really not sure how Sano's first Bowman Chrome card got into the "Rookies" box rather than my "Twins" box. Sano quietly had a nice season with the Twins hitting 25 home runs over 116 games.

I was also surprised to find four Max Scherzer rookie cards from 2008 Upper Deck Goudey and 2008 Upper Deck Timeline (one of the most underrated sets ever). These aren't any more than $1.00 a card but finding four rookies for a Cy Young award winner is certainly a pleasant surprise.


Fuji said…
I have around 3,000 rookie cards that i've accumulated over the years. Might need to copy you and sort them alphabetically. Congratulations on finding all of those sweet rookies... and all from the "s" category to boot.