Creating Art From Baseball Cards

While everyone by now has heard of Instagram and its famous photo filters but you may not be familiar with Prisma which is similar to Instagram but instead takes your photo and make it a piece of art. I choose one of my favorite all-time cards, Choo Choo Coleman's 1964 Topps #251 (plus I happened to have that photo on my phone) and ran it through the app with some very interesting results. Here is the card with the Composition filter which give Choo Choo with the look of Kryten from Red Dwarf.

This one is the Mosaic filter that gives the card a stained glass feel. 

The Gothic filter gives it the look of a watercolor painting.

Here is another filter called Tokyo which is another painting filter.

There are 10-15 other filters that have varying degrees of success and it really depends on the type of image (landscape vs. portrait, bright vs. dark) to know which filter would provide a meaningful change. 

Here are my four creations together and, just to be clear, you can remove the Prisma logo from your image if you prefer. I kept them in for these images to highlight what the app can do. 

I also used the app to give some artistic filters to Joe Mauer's rookie from 2002 Bowman #379. This one didn't turn out quite as well as Choo Choo's and so your results will vary depending on which card you decide to "upgrade."


Jupiterhill said…
That's pretty cool. The best part is you can create art with the cards without actually defacing or destroying the cards. I like it.
gcrl said…
the simpsons, a card, and a choo choo in the same post, but no ralph wiggum reference? come on, i choo choo choose you! and there's a picture of a train!
mike said…
I'm banking on Topps using that to make a "kids art" subset or insert for Opening Day or something in 2017
Fuji said…
Wish I had this app during last week's teacher inservice. I would have played around with a bunch of my cards. At least it gives me something to do during this week's staff meeting. Thanks for sharing!