2016 Topps Star Wars Rogue One: Mission Briefing Cards

I was excited to find some Rogue One: Mission Briefing packs at Target and gave a pack for $1.99 a try. I knew that this was another sort of prequel set before the another Rogue One sets hits when the movie comes out this winter. The name of the set was also changed from when the set was originally announced from "Star Wars Road to Rogue One" to "Rogue One: Mission Briefing." So my expectations weren't too high in learning anything about Rogue One or its characters and figured it would be a sort of rehash of every other recent Star Wars set. And boy was I right as I didn't get anything actually related to Rogue One. 

Here are four cards in the style of famous 1983 Topps Return of the Jedi set. 

Here's what the backs look like which is more of the same looking stuff. 

My variation was a gray border card that can be pulled in every two packs. Like the dark bordered cards in the Journey to the Force Awakens set, they are great looking cards and my favorites from the set.

My insert features the Thermal Exhaust Port that was the Death Star's weak spot. I'm not sure exactly which insert set it is from but I imagine it is the insert set called "The Death Star."

In the end, I think I will hold off on more packs until the Rogue One official set hits December 16th, 2016...or I will just continue to buy more Star Wars Chrome! More on that in the next post.