When You Realize Something Isn't Quite Right With The Packers Roster

I was looking for my next witty fantasy football team name to rival "Radiocheesehead" and scrolling though the Packers roster for anything memorable when I noticed something wasn't quite right. 

Here is the real Jake Ryan and no, he's not the love interest character from 16 Candles.

Anyway, I'm going to stick with Radiocheesedead again and so I thought I would add Thom Yorke to the Packer's roster. I'm sure he would totally spoil everyone's posed photos as well.

Radiohead is also the subject of a new Garbage Pail Kids series focusing on musicians including Arcade Fire and Death Cab For Cutie. You can get the whole set for $49.99.


Tony Burbs said…
That's hilarious - surely someone must have manipulated that in some way. Furthermore, I might be a Bears fan, but I love puns. Thus, I must admit that your fantasy team's name is genius.