August 31, 2016

When You Realize Something Isn't Quite Right With The Packers Roster

I was looking for my next witty fantasy football team name to rival "Radiocheesehead" and scrolling though the Packers roster for anything memorable when I noticed something wasn't quite right. 

Here is the real Jake Ryan and no, he's not the love interest character from 16 Candles.

Anyway, I'm going to stick with Radiocheesedead again and so I thought I would add Thom Yorke to the Packer's roster. I'm sure he would totally spoil everyone's posed photos as well.

Radiohead is also the subject of a new Garbage Pail Kids series focusing on musicians including Arcade Fire and Death Cab For Cutie. You can get the whole set for $49.99.

August 23, 2016

The 2017 Topps Design Reminds Me Of 1973 Topps

For whatever reason Topps now announces their new flagship design six months before the ahead of time of the release in February. The 2017 set design has been met with at best mixed reviews after two years of what I would call generally positive reaction from the card blogging community. My main gripe with the set is that the design takes up way, way, way too much of the card. It sort of looks like a brief informational graphic ESPN would flash on the screen during the game and then quickly jump away,

Wouldn't it be nice to know where exactly Harper was standing on the field? The set and its complete waste of card space, reminds me a lot of the 1973 Topps design which squandered so much space, especially on the sets' horizontal cards.

I mean at best you are only getting 60% of the possible photograph of Terry Crowley running full steam into Thurman Munson. Wouldn't it have been nice to see the plate and get the full experience of that great moment? 

Here are a few more examples of great action photograph from the '73 set that could have been so much better with an improved design. Like, was the Mets runner safe at home in Pat Corrales' card?

Same thing with Bob Didier's card...out or safe?

The problem was rectified (a little bit) the following season as the horizontal cards in the 1974 Topps set were expanded and greatly improved. Here's another Thurman Munson play at the plate card that is a little better with the expanded photograph frame.

August 20, 2016

Star Trek 50th Anniversary Chibis

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the debut of the Star Trek TV series, toy maker Bulls-i-Toy has issued a set of tiny chibis toys featuring nearly all of the key figures from the original Star Trek series. My pack of three figures came from Target and was $3.99.

The back features a checklist includes all the major characters from the Federation and quite a few villains including a Gorn, General Chang, and Khan! I would love a Scotty, Spock, and a Gorn or Khan. Let's see what I received.

Success! Yes, I pulled two out of my three favorites.

 And since I pulled Captain Kirk, I'm able to reenact the greatest fight scene in television history:

Who's Going To Make A Stranger Things Card Set?

So who's going to make the Stranger Things card set? And it HAS to be done in the Heritage style with the old school cardboard from the 1980's.

You can make your own Stranger Things logo on